Horse-drawn wagon rides in Tuscany

Private and shared outings through the Chianti wine country
in a horse-drawn wagon

"I Cocchieri di ' Chianti" (the Chianti coachmen) is licensed to offer excursions in horse-drawn wagons in the Chianti region of Tuscany, Italy.

What better way to explore and enjoy the beautiful, rolling Tuscan hills near Florence and their fascinating history and culture than at the slow pace of an old-fashion horse-drawn wagon!
We offer tours during you can visit castles, historic country villas and rustic farmhouses. You can taste the renowned local Tuscan wines while visiting ancient wine cellars. Or maybe have a lunch of traditional Tuscan dishes in a charming villa. We can arrange for musicians, magicians or actors to entertain you with their music, tales and anecdotes during your visit or while having lunch. These latter are favorites for excursions with children and for wedding parties.

We have a selection of wagon tours that are preplanned and from which you can choose, and we also create wagon tours based on your wishes.

Normally, our wagon outings begin and end near Montespertoli which is easily reached by car from Florence and from anywhere in Chianti.